Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Your kid oughta be in pictures!

Today, we'd like to highlight a few sponsors who are helping out in creative ways, centered around food.

Our face-painting booth will be sponsored and staffed by Plum Organics, a mom-created company that sells frozen organic baby food (red lentil veggie, anyone?). They'll be painting little fruits and veggies (and perhaps a tiger or two), and local photographer extraordinaire Heather Forbes will be on hand to document the spectacle. This is an amazing opportunity to have a portrait by a noted photographer, so we hope you'll stop by the face-painting table for a closer look.

Speaking of food, one of our favorite merchants on Cortland Street, Chloe's Closet, will be supporting our potluck by providing compostable GMO-free corn based utensils and biodegradable plates! We'll collect compost on site as a way of ensuring that our gathering has a minimal environmental impact. We're also minimizing waste by not selling drinks and recycling drink containers. Please remember to bring drinks in plastic or metal bottles (no glass), and remember that alcohol is not welcome at this event, no matter how badly you need that Bloody Mary 'cause your kid was teething all night long.

In case your urban baby wonders where food comes from, the amazing staff at Flowercraft on Bayshore are donating seeds and planting supplies for a grow-a-seed table. It's a mess-free way to experience the textures, colors, and wonder of gardening.

As you can see, we've gathered together a group of fabulous businesses to help this event happen. Please keep them in mind the next time you're buying baby food, or kid's books/clothes, or garden supplies, or professional photography services.

Check this space often to find out about the neighbors and businesses working together to make Children's Day a success.

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